Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Step-by-step with Studio J - Mischief Layout (really - it is!)

I'm sorry that I've been MIA lately. My youngest child graduated from high school a few weeks ago, and my oldest child (and only daughter!) is getting married Friday. It has been a bit crazy around here! In addition to the other activities, I'm also gearing up for the annual CTMH Convention in a few weeks in Dallas, TX. Close to My Heart generously gave each Convention attendee a Studio J 5-pack with detailed layout instructions. I completed mine and will be able to pick up the layouts at Convention!

I thought I'd share the layouts with you along with the instructions so you can create the layouts, too. It's so quick and easy. The best value is to purchase an annual membership ($99 - you get half-price layouts, free page protectors, and free jpgs), but if you'd like to try it out, a 5-pack is a great way to go. Can you believe the paper for this layout is Mischief? It's so fun to be able to change the colors of the kit papers to work with your photos! I did not vary much from the instructions except for the title. Have fun!

Kit: Mischief
Pattern: Dynamic Duo
Photos: 1 vertical, 1 horizontal, 4 square

1. Select Mischief kit.
2. Select Dynamic Duo pattern.
3. Select kit mix 5.

1. Turn off the toggle accents. (Click on Embellishments, and uncheck the box next to "Toggle accents.")

2. Rotate left page to the right 90 degrees by clicking on the round arrow at the top corner of the page. Rotate right page 180 degrees.

3. Change Colonial White/Black B&T to Black grid B&T. Change color to Baby Pink.

4. Change damask B&T to Lagoon.

5. Change Colonial White cardstock to Lagoon.

6. Change Grey Wool cardstock to White Daisy.

7. Change Black photo mats to Cocoa.

8. Add 1/8" Cocoa photo mats to the two larger photos (click on photo, "Mat" dropdown).

9. On left page, change bottom left photo to text well by clicking on the photo then clicking on far-right "convert to text" button. ZTzhen set background paper to White Daisy.

10. Change Lagoon cardstock on both pages to a lighter shade by adding a journaling box over the Lagoon cardstock and surrounding area. Delete "Add journaling" by highlighting the text and clicking the space bar. Send to back (right-click).

11. Delete title box from left page.

12. Drop photos in.

1. Create cupcake and table as follows:
  • Add My Stickease table (Large Accents, 100%); crop book and candle off table by using the square handles on the corners. Place on left page.
  • Add My Stickease Honey-color candy (Medium Accents). Scale to 200% and then crop so only the end shows; rotate so it stands up. Add oval accent (Tags, 100%). Place cupcake liner over bottom half of oval by sending it backwards.
  • Select cupcake by dragging mouse over, click Copy at top of screen, paste two new cupcakes. Send to back as needed.
2. Add embellishments to left page as follows:
  • Add a Tulip Bigger Brad to top of each cupcake (Embellishments>Metals, 100%).
  • Add Tulip staples to top of cherries (Embellishments>Metals, 100%).
3. Add embellishments to right page as follows:
  • Add Honey Diagonal Edge ribbon across top of White Daisy cardstock, crop.
  • Add Tulip Bigger Brads to ribbon (Embellishments>Metals, 90%).
  • Add Honey buttons: 7/8" (100%), 3/4" (100%), 1/2" (115%) (Embellishments>Buttons). Add Cocoa button threads.
4. Add Colonial White Medium Square stitching (Embellishments>Stitching, 126%) to small photo mats.

5. Add Journaling to the left page by layering 3 journaling boxes. For the first one, drag a journaling box on top of the White Daisy cardstock, sizing to fit the top half of the cardstock piece. Type "Sugar" and then a couple of spaces then type "Spice" using Ever After Font at 50. Change the color to Cocoa with no background color. Add another journaling box and only type "&" in Ever After Font at 85. Change the color to Baby Pink with no background color. Place box in between "Sugar" and "Spice" and right click to send to back. Add third journaling box to the lower half of the White Daisy cardstock for the rest of the journaling. Change color to Cocoa with no background color. Change the font to Delightful.

6. Add title to the right page using two journaling boxes. In the first box type "time for something" which uses Delightful font and change the color to Cocoa with no background color. The second is for the word "Sweet" in Ever After Font. Change the color to Cocoa with no background color. Position both on the White Daisy cardstock strip at the top of the page.