Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Fresh Start

So, I blinked, and two years passed, just like that. I knew it had been quite a while since I did any blogging, but two years?? We've had a few life changes in that time. It was just about two years ago that I interviewed for a new position with my company and was selected to move from Illinois to Arizona for the new role. I moved first, then my husband and oldest son moved a couple of months later. Less than a year later, my mother moved from Illinois to our home in Arizona, and our youngest son moved out here to finish his last two years of college. During all the moving and adjustments, scrapbooking and stamping went by the wayside for a while. Did I mention we moved twice in two years? Once to a rental house, and a year later to a newly built home. 

After ten months in our new house, I am slowly but surely getting unpacked and settled. It has been a challenge because I don't have a dedicated scrapbook room in this house. I've become very creative with my storage solutions since my scrap area is in the master bedroom! As I'm unpacking the very last of the scrapbooking boxes (no mean feat, I assure you!), I am becoming more and more motivated to get crafty again. The last box I opened contained about 60 stamp sets and a few Cricut cartridges that I've been missing. That was a very sweet surprise! I'm even thinking of becoming a CTMH consultant again. I'll keep you posted on that front. 

I'm excited about getting started again. Thanks for hanging in there - expect to see more of me!