Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dare to Dream #3: Acrylic Stamps

When CTMH switched from wood stamps to acrylic several years ago, I wasn't sure I would like the change. It only took one time stamping with the new acrylics, though, to change my mind. I love these beautiful stamps! Here's why:

  • Cost effective - The price points are much lower than wood stamps.
  • Quality - CTMH stamps are made from a material that is superior to other acrylic stamps -- durable and high quality to give a good impression.
  • Easy to use - Peel from the carrier sheet, attach to the acrylic block, stamp, clean, and put the stamp back on the carrier sheet! Easy!
  • Storage - The stamps come in a cute little 6x6 heavy plastic envelope -- so easy to store! They're lightweight, too, making it easy to take them along to your next crop.
  • Design - Gorgeous, current designs with a lot of variety. There's something for everyone!

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