Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Ornaments - Part 2

More ornament fun! This idea has been making the rounds among the CTMH consultants. Again, I can't claim it as an original idea, although the design is mine. These could not be easier to make! Grab your reinkers, Prisma Glitter, and some clear ornaments, and off you go!

Take the hanger off the ornament, and put a couple of good squirts of reinker in the clear ornament. I used Cranberry in one ornament and Olive in another. Carefully swirl it around until the entire inside is coated with color This may take a little while to get comlete coverage. I set the inked ornament on an empty container to let extra reinker drop out of it.

Add a generous amount of Prisma Glitter to the inside of the ornament. Cover the opening and SHAKE until the inside is covered with glitter. It's amazing to see what looks like a dark color (like the Olive reinker) turn lighter and glittery!

After the ornament was "glittered  up," I decorated each one using the Winter Cheer Glitter Rub-ons. The rub-on itself is a type of sticky substance. It can be a little challenging to see the image you're cutting out, so hold the sheet at an angle to be able to see the pinkish outline. After the rub-on is in place, cut a small piece from the included glitter paper and rub it over the adhesive. Like magic, the sparkly image appears!

Sorry that the quality of these pictures is rough. The ornaments are challenging to photograph since they are so reflective.

Cranberry and Gold:

Olive and Silver:

The Cranberry ornament on the tree. The lights shine through it and make it beautiful!

Products used:
  • Z134 - Prisma Glitter - $4.25
  • Z2216 - Exclusive Inks Reinker (Cranberry) - $4.25
  • Z122 - Winter Cheer Glitter Rub-ons - $13.95
  • Clear ornaments (Michael's)
  • Silver ribbon (retired)
  • Total - $22.45 (enough to qualify for a FREE D-size stamp set of CTMH's choosing!)
Optional add-ons:
  • Z2237 - Exclusive Inks Reinker (Olive) - $4.25 (or any color you'd like to use!)

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