Sunday, May 31, 2009

Changing it up!

We keep hearing that times are tough, and we need to make every dollar count. How would you like to get double your money on a scrapbooking kit? I challenged myself to re-make each of the Kits of the Month using the same patterns but different papers and want to share the results with you!

I started with this month's Kit of the Month, Bella. (See details on how to order the Kit of the Month by clicking on "Bella Kit of the Month" on June 14 on my calendar.)

The first picture in each set of two photos is the Bella kit of the month; the second set of photos is the same page patterns using the Key To My Heart papers.

These are the same pages with the Key To My Heart papers! (The cute little children in the photos are my brother and me.)

The second set of pages:


Key To My Heart - This one needs titles and journaling, but you get the idea:

And the third set of pages with Bella:

And Key To My Heart:

This page shows the opened Flip Flap page. These are new in the Summer 2009 CTMH and is one of the best new products I have seen!

I love that I can use exactly the same pattern with different papers and get an entirely new look! Watch for another set of layouts later in the month.

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