Friday, July 30, 2010

Change . . . It's a Good Thing

I love my routine. Let me do things the usual way, and I'm happy. But change can be awesome, too, and can breathe new life into what we've gotten used to -- shake things up! In 2011, Close To My Heart will change the way the Idea Books have been published and will begin offering two Idea Books per year -- one in February, and one in August. Each Idea Book will have a six-month life cycle, and exciting new products will be featured in each one! To make way for the new products, the old products must move on. Some of it makes me a little nostalgic and sad, because there are paper packets and stamp sets on this list that I have really enjoyed using. But I know even better things are coming! (Like the Autumn/Winter Idea Book -- available on September 1!)

The following products have been approved to retire at the end of 2010. There is a possibility that they may make it to a new Idea Book, but in all likelihood, this is a last chance to get these products! They are available while supplies last, so if there is something you must have, please go to my website to place your order. Coming August 4 -- a special sale! Details coming soon...
Copy of RetiredList2011

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