Sunday, July 18, 2010

How many cards in a Level 2 Paper Packet?

In my "other" job, I coordinate training for new sales reps in the call center in which I work. With up to 100 new hires each year, I'm always trying to find creative ways to make them feel welcomed. Last year, I purchased a Level 2 Paper Packet (Emporium) and a value pack of card bases and envelopes and decided to see how many cards I could make from one paper pack.

Would you believe that I got 86 cards with this paper pack and only needed to add three extra sheets of Colonial White cardstock and a few envelopes? After I used up the card bases, I cut the solid cardstock into card bases. The cards are pretty simple, but the new hires love them and seem to appreciate the thought that goes into making them. Our entire "welcome team" signs the cards, then the cards get tucked into a first-day welcome folder. The price comes to around 35 cents per card (including an envelope!). See how far you can get your paper pack to stretch!

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