Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Scrapping and Stamping Space

I LOVE looking at pictures of scrapbook rooms! Some look like studios; others are a closet or little nooks. I remember viewing pictures of one room that had a jaw-dropping amount of stamp sets and other products. I wondered how she could find anything to use it! That was definitely one I showed my husband -- See, honey, I don't really have THAT much stuff!

My space isn't a studio, but it's not a closet, either. I have an area in the basement that I share with the kids' rec room (air hockey table, foosball table, video games) and my oldest son's bedroom. My son and I actually just flip-flopped ends of the basement to where I am now. I love it -- it's cozy, and I can work after he goes to bed at night without disturbing him. Sadly, it's also close to the laundry room, so I have no excuses for not getting the clothes washed. ;)

Ready to tour? Let's go!

This is the wide view:

It's really easy to arrange the tables end-to-end if a group wants to come over to scrap, like this past weekend!

This is the view when I'm sitting in my chair, facing the stairs. The three-tiered baskets are from Target. I found them around Easter and think they're perfect for holding my punches!

Moving around the room, I have set up an area for my Cricut and Cuttlebug. I covered the drawer units from Ikea last year while I was recovering from surgery. The drawers hold my chipboard, acrylic, and metal letters: one drawer per letter. Sorry for all the hanging cables and cords -- it's still a work in progress! (As well as the paint job -- definitely needs some help!)

This cabinet holds cardstock aranged by color families, retired B&T and non-CTMH patterned paper, idea books, how-to books, and many other supplies.

The right cabinet holds clear drawers from the Container Store. They're designed to hold shoes but work well for smaller items like Connection Club rewards.

Base pages and non-CTMH cardstock are in the paper rack. The bookcases hold an assortment of items, including photo albums arranged loosely on Stacy Julian's "Photo Freedom" system.

Altered items on top of the bookcases:

I keep my stamp sets in cd baskets purchased at Target:

I have found that I think by color when I am scrapping and stamping, so my embellishments are organized that way in the CTMH accessory cases. They fit perfectly in a metal file basket found -- where else -- at Target!

These magnetic white boards are awesome for displaying artwork! My most recent card swap is posted on this board, and I have another one for magnets from places we have visited and one for business stuff.

Hope you enjoyed the peek at my scrapping space!

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