Saturday, July 28, 2012

Studio J Saturday - Lucy Layout - Shopping for the Dress

This is another layout that I was able to make using the free 5-pack I received as part of my Convention registration. I was so happy to document shopping for my daughter's wedding dress! You can make the same layout by following the directions listed below. Studio J layouts no longer require a membership to get the great pricing ($6.95 per layout) and free JPGs! There is a minimum of 4 layouts per each order, so create away! You can access Studio J here.  

Kit: Lucy
Pattern: Stars Above
Photos: 1 vertical, 1 horizontal, 4 square
Colors: Sweet Leaf, Blush, Grey Wool, Creme Brulee, Colonial White

  • Deleting unneeded photo wells
  • Using text boxes to cover up portions of the pattern
  • Cropping My Stickease borders to make ribbon streamers
  1. Select Lucy kit.
  2. Select Stars Above pattern.
  3. Select kit mix 4.
  1. Turn off toggle accents. (Located under embellishments tab.)
  2. Change Colonial White cardstock to Grey Flannel.
  3. Change Blush cardstock to words B&T paper.
  4. On right page, delete bottom-left photo well.
  5. On left page, delete two photo wells, second and third from left at top. Delete title box. Delete journaling box.
  6. Add journaling box by dragging the box from the menu to the desired spot on the left page to cover Sweet Leaf honeycomb B&T and the Grey Flannel that was behind the journaling box (to cover the shadowing). Delete "Add journaling" by highlighting both words and hitting the space bar. Fill with Grey Flannel.
  7. Add journaling box to left page where two photo wells were; fill the box with Sweet Leaf honeycomb B&T; delete "Add journaling" with a space. Send to back (right-click) so that it stays behind photo wells.
  8. On right page, add journaling box to cover B&Ts and corresponding area, including photo well for ease of matching pattern. Delete "Add journaling." Fill with Sweet Leaf honeycomb B&T. Send to back so photo well shows.
  9. Create grey border strip by adding one journaling box to the bottom of the page. Delete "Add journaling," fill with Grey Wool, crop and place at top of words B&T papers. Click on the grey strip, click on copy, then paste to use for the second page.
  10. Drop in photos into available wells. Zoom in or out as needed.
  1. Add the following My Stickease images to each page, rotating and resizing as desired. Right-click to bring layers forward or send backward as needed.
    • 2 flag pennants (Borders, 88%) for the left page and one for the right
    • You Are Darling tag (Quotes, 135% - I used a different tag and covered it with a journaling box, changing the paper to "None" so I could use a different title.)
    • 2 pink lace ribbon borders (Borders, 100%) for the left page and one for the right
  2. On left page, create button/ribbon accents as follows:
    • Add Colonial White 1/2" buttons (Embellishments>Buttons, 100%) and Grey Wool thread (Embellishments>Buttons)
    • Add 2 more pink lace ribbon borders. Crop, rotate, and place below button as streamers. Send to back as needed.
  3. On right page, create button/ribbon accents as above, using 5/8" button and two 1/2" buttons with Grey Wool thread.
  4. Add Colonial White Medium Brads (Embellishments>Metals, 100%) to all banners.
  5. Add Grey Wool Running Stitches (Embellishments>Stitching) to edge of Grey Flannel cardstock.
  6. To create journaling boxes, add five text boxes on right page, cropping as desired. Send backward by right-clicking to tuck them behind the photo well. Distress text box edges using Direct with Grey Wool. Add Grey Wool Back Stitch (35%) to edge of journaling boxes. Add journaling using Elemental font (or font of your choice). 

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