Saturday, August 4, 2012

Studio J Saturday - The Best Day Layout (Lucky)

I really enjoyed making this layout about a wonderful day in Chicago with my husband and daughter, one week before my daughter got married. The best part about this layout? It's now available as an Express Collection layout! All you have to do is drop in the photos and change the title and journaling. Super easy! If you want to change more than the title and journaling, though, you can follow the instructions below to create your own layout.


  1. Select Lucky kit.
  2. Select Portrait Collection pattern.
  3. Select kit mix 5.
  1. Turn off toggle accents.
  2. Change Colonial White cardstock to White Daisy.
  3. Change circles B&T to Grey Flannel.
  4. Change argyle B&T to any cardstock. Change cardstock color to Sky.
  5. Add photo mat to bottom photo on left page (click on photo, 1/4", Grey Flannel).
  6. On left page, add journaling box over top of large photo, sizing to create a photo mat. Delete "Add journaling," color Grey Flannel, send to back.
  7. On left page, add journaling box to upper left corner (background paper: Outdoor Denim), crop and size to fit. 
  8. On right page, add journaling box to lower right (background paper: Outdoor Denim), crop and size to fit. Add White Daisy journaling (date); center vertically and right-align.
  9. On right page, change journaling well to photo well by clicking on it, then click on "Convert to photo well" button.
  10. Add journaling box to right page for journaling. Change background to none.
  11. Drop in photos.
  1. Add a journaling box over top of the small Outdoor Denim boxes on both pages (background paper: none). Set font to Cobbler, color White Daisy, font size 113. Type an uppercase "O." 
  2. Add the following My Stickease images, rotating and resizing as desired. Right-click to bring layers forward or send backward as needed.
    • Add Outdoor Denim border (Borders, 100%) to each page and place across layout.
    • Add Sunset circle star (Small Accents, 100%) and place inside "O."
    • Add Sunset circle (Small Accents). Crop in half, scale to 85%. Copy and paste scallop below Outdoor Denim border.
  3. On left page, in existing title area, type "the" in Sunset color. Add two journaling boxes (background paper: none). Type a different word in each box in desired font, size, and color (fonts used are Cobbler and Fountain Pen). Arrange as desired.
  4. Create My Stickease cluster on left page by adding the following and placing as desired:
    • Arrow (100%) and large star (85%) (Medium Accents)
    • Creme Brulee and Sunset small stars (Small Accents, 100%)
  5. Add one Sunset Back Stitch (Embellishments>Stitching, 100%) to each page. Crop, rotate, and place near target accent. Copy and paste second stitch line, staggering slightly.
  6. Add journaling (font used is Elementary). 


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