Saturday, August 4, 2012

Taking a picture with my heart

I had the great privilege of hearing Stacy Julian speak at the Close To My Heart convention in July. She spoke from her heart about why we scrapbook. One thing I took away was that sometimes we need to put down the camera and take a picture with the heart. 

When my daughter got married in June, I did just that - put my camera down for most of the day and just took pictures with my heart. Thankfully, we also had fantastic photographers who captured every moment of that special day, including this one. 

I was helping Kristin get into her wedding dress. In this picture - one of my favorites - I just put on the add-a-pearl necklace that had been mine and to which my mom added pearls for several years. Kristin wore the necklace along with my mom's full pearl necklace. It was such a special moment - I had just said to her, "You're a BRIDE!" It was a gloriously happy day, although I'll admit to quite a few (happy) tears. 

I'll be scrapbooking the wedding photos over time, and you can be sure that I'll be adding thoughtful journaling to tell the story of what the mother of the bride was feeling on that day. Thanks, Stacy Julian, for your inspiration and encouragement!

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  1. Beautiful photos for beautiful memories. Wasn't Stacy's talk encouraging, loved it.


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