Sunday, April 4, 2010

My scrapping space

When my daughter moved into her own apartment in January, I made her bedroom into my scrapping space. I love my cozy little space and wanted to share it with you!

The first stop on the tour is my stamping table. I keep all my CTMH inks in the Exclusive Inks Organizer. (I know -- you're shocked!) This little baby is so handy for keeping all the CTMH inks and markers. I added the optional, removable tray to the top for my re-inkers and other items. There are handles underneath that so the whole thing can be picked up and moved. I store my inks by color families rather than season, because that's just the way I think.
Here's the whole table. I keep a VersaMat foam-side-up underneath the desk pad to give my stamps some cushion. My blocks are in the white tool caddy.
I found these magnetic whiteboards at WalMart. They are a great place to hang artwork and inspiration. I've also been know to make a list or twenty, and this is a great place to keep the lists in my line of sight, and possibly my memory. The tv and dvd player sit on a repurposed computer cart. And, yes, that's Mike Holmes on the tv -- "Holmes on Homes." Nothing like HGTV to keep me company while I stamp and scrap.

Idea Books and samples --

The shelves are hand-me-downs from my husband's place of employment. The adjustable shelves make it so easy to fit everything. I keep everything on here from paper to dimensional elements (in the wood Ikea drawers) to stamps. I'm very visual, so I have to see things to remember that I have them, or they don't get used.

A close-up of my stamp storage -- The baskets are dvd baskets from Target. A whole lot of stamp sets will fit in them. I store my stamps alphabetically by title (for now). Again, it's the easiest way for me to find a stamp set. I also turn the stamps around and put them in the envelope "backward." That way I can see the set at a glance.

CTMH cardstock is sorted by color families and kept in Cropper Hopper paper keepers with labeled dividers. (What would I do without my P-Touch labeler??) Retired B&T paper and non-CTMH papers (I really do have some...okay, LOTS!) are kept here, too, loosely arranged by color or manufacturer.

Target had these sweet little wire baskets last year around Easter time. I got two and keep my punches in them. They make pretty dandy bookends, too, when loaded with heavy punches.

The scrapping area -- it's a little too cozy for more than me to scrap here, but I can always set up tables in the basement or in the family room if a group is coming over.

The view from the door: Shelves will be hung soon above the small bookcase.

The closet had a nice closet organizer, so I tried to utilize it for storage by adding some additional drawer units and shelves.

My adapted Library of Memories system:

And -- more shelves with extra "stuff" that I'd rather not see all the time.

I keep my current CTMH paper packets in a file crate ~ pink, of course. There is no rhyme or reason to the order right now. I really need to go through all of them and do some condensing and cleaning out. Add it to the list of "things to do when I finish college in May"!

And finally, the accessory cases. I'm sure you'll be surprised by this, but the embellishments are sorted by color.

Thanks for visiting my scrapping and stamping space!

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  1. Awesome room! Wish I had a space all to my own...I still have to share. :-( Maybe some day!


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