Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Elemental Layout - Bookworms in Love

This layout just makes me go {ahhhh}. My daughter - my firstborn - engaged. They are every bit as happy as they look, and we're very blessed to be gaining an awesome son-in-law. One of many things they have in common is a love of reading, so the public library was a logical choice for the engagement photo shoot. The picture of them peeking over the book edges? Books about marriage and weddings. Love it! The large photo is one of my favorites. I adore the look on Kristin's face! It was really easy to achieve this. I enlarged the photo to about 200% and dragged it into each photo well. I could then arrange each photo to fit by lining up the "ghost" image in the adjoining photo well. I'll use this technique again and again in Studio J.

Kit: Elemental
Pattern: Sidebar - Original/Sampler - Photo Checkerboard

Kit Mix: 5

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