Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mischief Layout - War Eagle!

My husband had a milestone birthday this summer. That's right. The Big 5 - 0. He had company, though - his twin brother, oddly enough, turned 50 as well! To celebrate, the Miller boys met in Alabama (where they grew up) for a few days of fun. Auburn fans through and through, part of the fun included a visit to the campus (War Eagle!). They had a great time (although their dad probably would have skipped the Auburn visit - he's a 'Bama fan. If you're from Alabama, you get it.) and took some great pictures. I plan to order multiple copies of this layout so they can each have one. Thanks, Studio J, for making it easy to make duplicate layouts!

Kit: Mischief
Pattern: Front and Center - In the Middle/Sidebar - Main Frame
Kit Mix: 1

Do you like the argyle pattern at the bottom? It's super simple. Make a text box and clear the journaling. Size it into a square and change the background to Sunset. Turn the box 45 degrees then add the stitching. Select the text box and each line of stitching by holding down the shift key and clicking on each; copy and paste as many times as needed to fill the area.

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